Welcome to aydBalboa

We look forward to welcoming you at our Practice Nights and Dances. See our Calendar or click on one of the links above for more information. For venue information and directions please see our Venues page.

We are also involved in running the following dance weekends: Bal Break, Bal n Blues and Swing Fastival.

Balboa is an original swing dance from America (later evolving into jive), which is now rapidly gaining in popularity across the UK and beyond. With small and intricate footwork you will be able to dance to the fastest of tunes, whilst remaining cool and stylish on the dance floor. You will look good dancing to slow tunes as well. Please follow the link to find out more about Balboa.

For more information please contact us, or telephone Anna and Tony on 01242 870298


Hey! What Does aydBalboa Mean?

The "ayd" means "Are You Dancing" and is a reference to www.areyoudancing.com, a UK based partner dance listing website which is also run by Tony and Anna.